How Japanese people learn to multiply

Japanese multiplication

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Khai gets the Academic Award

We are so proud of Khai.
At the end of his 1st year of school – Gladstone primary, he received the Over All Academic Award. Only one was given out in his class.
It makes I feel good that the effort we put in is paying off!


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Khai’s 1st lesson on Computer hardware and disassembling

Khai having his first lesson on computer hardware. Khai wants to learn to build a robot. We starting with teaching him about what a computer is and how it works. We would like to find time to teach him some programming skills and build his computing all around.






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Salman Khan On Education

Salman Khan on education from El Estoque on Vimeo.

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Back on The Adventure of Education

It has been a while now since my last post. In the mean time my family and I, my family being little Arix born 11/02/2011 and our 5 year old Malakhai my husband Nicolas and I, have decided to pack up and immigrate to New Zealand. A great motivation for moving being education for our kids.
Nico flew with the kids to begin work and set up for our new life while I sailed our yacht Kwela to Australia where she will stay until further notice.
See blog Soul Sail for the story of that adventure.
I am now sitting at the airport in Perth very excited to see my family after to long away from them.
A new adventure in life and education to begin.
I will be engaging again soon with this blog and our journey in educating our kids and as always ourselves.




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Khai learning computer programming

Teaching Khai programming now that he knows his letters.. Yay!





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