Our Home Schooling and Education Adventure

I am not sure home education is the right word to correspond with our point of view in terms of educating our boys.

World Wide Education seems to hold a more fitting description to how we feel our children should be educated. Understanding of the world in which they live, open to impossible possibilities, tolerant, and adaptable. To learn and extract from what is agreeable and what is not. To explore beyond the realms that regular education offers.

Emerging Beliefs and Thoughts

The subject of schooling is an age old subject; usually a string of complaints about the education system inflicted upon us through childhood. Often scary interactions with peers and pressures that over-run the importance of gaining information and building our blocks to the future that will outline who we are and what we do with our lives. There are few things that hold greater importance!

It is not until having children of our own that we felt the impact of how to educate the people that will create the world to come; our children. It is in our attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and implementations of these that will create open minded people who can offer positive change and solutions to the world.

As we began the journey of child rearing it was not long before it became apparent that much thought and implementations was needed if we wanted to actively guide our little humans into adaptable people that could make a difference in the world, to employ passion for life and the world they live in. It became apparent that our input as parents would need to be immense should we want to help build a child/adult that has the tools to be able to access any avenue they felt passionate to pursue, whether it be astrophysics, working for NASA, exploring unexplored Ocean depths, engineering bio-robotics or whatever fulfills the the passion that burns within.

At this apparent need to be very proactive in offering our kids the tools to enable them to take the journey to where-ever they wished in life, we began to explore avenues to help us implement our growing views and beliefs in educating our kids…. a bigger journey than we had anticipated.

First of all we began to look at the world around us from the point of bringing up our kids,the systems that created the society and general public. It was not a view point we found attractive nor appealing to our sense of how we would want the world to be…. what to do? .. these were not the types of minds nor behavior patterns we wanted our children to adopt..

And so the Journey began….

February 2011

  • our 4 year old Malakhai at a Montessori pre-school – A new born Boy Arix – a 36 foot yacht being refitted as our vehicle to the world of wonders … – and our evolving ideas and plans of adventure , education and exploration unfolding, shining bright on the horizon.

About World Wide Open Mind

Nicolas and myself Sasha are on a quest to find a way to educate our kids while exploring the world on our yacht.. The Adventures of Sea Eagle and the Fauchereau Family
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