Lets Get Inquisitive And Become Thinkers

Lets Get Inquisitive And Become Thinkers: by Sasha Fauchereau

I am sitting at the laptop top looking at my boys. 7 week old boy Arix is gooing and smiling at a fluffy flower; my 4 year old Malakhai is painting a rock and experimenting with mixing colour paints.. and I’m asking myself ‘ How am I going to pave the way to offering our boys the tools to become whatever they want to become in their lives.’ ….TOOLS (See Edu_Tools links) ..As parents and teachers we are the biggest influences in our children’s lives, it is our responsibility to open up a world that stimulates and offers opportunity for them to expand into life, to gain tools to enable them to embark on any journey of life they wish.. the fundamental steps to offering your child ‘the world’ are encouraging them to be thinkers, allowing them to do and think for themselves as much a possible, inspiring them to be inquisitive and ask questions about anything and everything.

There are many times Malakhai has asked questions to which we have no answer, we do not fear these questions… we are human.. but we use these opportunities to show him that we can use resources like books, internet, experiments, speaking to people etc to find out about things we wish to know.

Exposing our kids to the world and information builds their awareness of the world around them and gives them things to think about and questions to ask. We underestimate the capabilities of our children by a long shot! We should not hesitate to expose them to thing that we may believe are beyond them for it is only by pressing beyond our understanding and reaching for what we do not know that allows us to grow.

Last week I went to a ‘ Tea Party at Malakhai’s school Cape Farm Montessori where the kids of 4 and 5 recited the Jabberwocky by Lewis Caroll

Twas brillig and the slithy toves

did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

all mimsy were the borogroves

and the mome raths outgrabe.

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

The jaws that bite the claws that catch!

Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun

the frumious Brandersnatch………


Reading the poem myself was not an easy task, and seeing four and five-year old kids reciting an A4 page with the actions was a massive eye opener.. Offer them what you believe to be over their heads or to much and you may find yourself well surprised at what returns in a few days time…

It is their world .. give it to them .. they will do with it what they wish!

Nurture inquisitiveness..and when they ask don’t give them a half-hearted answer.. answer them well with information that is valuable, be direct and answer and ask them at the end if they understand and explain again until they do.

Praise them when they ask questions and when you can offer them an experiment to show the answer to questions asked. People learn best through experiences.

The schooling system that we have seen and feel that gives learners the best advantage is the Montessori Schooling system. This is a system that allows learners to explore and experiment through trial and error they are not taught all together and are directed by a directoriss. The aim in general is to allow the child to explore what they feel inspired to explore.. this ensures maximum retention of information gained through experiencing.. They are placed in an environment that is filled with activities that help build all aspects of curiosity, reinforces their knowledge of the world they live in and build their ability in practical life. In this environment they learn to use real apparatus.. sharp knives, glass beakers, they eat and drink out of glass at 3, they wash their own dishes and clean up their own mess. When in conflict they sort themselves out at the peace table.. they learn accurate information about the solar system and the natural sciences.. the Montessori system is an incredible schooling system that reinforces our natural need for experimentation, exploration, interaction with the world and people. It teaches respect andhelps kids to become confident in exploring their curiosity gaining experiential knowledge through interaction and direction


About World Wide Open Mind

Nicolas and myself Sasha are on a quest to find a way to educate our kids while exploring the world on our yacht.. The Adventures of Sea Eagle and the Fauchereau Family
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