French Everyday

Easter has passed and we have had French language in our lives for about 2 weeks solid. It is working well and we are finding that Khai is responding well to Nico speaking French to him full time. It is amazing to see how much he understands. He does not speak French back but is inquisitive and asks often ..’what is this what is that in French’ ……. We are feeling positive about this incorporation and excited to see French understanding growing in him.


About World Wide Open Mind

Nicolas and myself Sasha are on a quest to find a way to educate our kids while exploring the world on our yacht.. The Adventures of Sea Eagle and the Fauchereau Family
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One Response to French Everyday

  1. Nicola says:

    The most important thing about the language for them at this age is that they understand. The speaking will come eventually. We have Italian days on board where we only speak Italian – and the kids understand everything although they answer back in English. Zoe spent some time at a small village school in Ilha Grande and it was amazing to see what she was able to pick up – kids play, there is no language barrier between them and they are not scared to make mistakes when they speak another language

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