As we walk through a forest of trees we feel connected, we walk along a mountain path we feel part of, we belong, as we look out over the ever changing ocean we feel drawn.. after all we are 70% water ourselves.

We are the most incredible creation, unfathomably complex, delightfully able to expand and change, learn and experience. If we stop being self absorbed for a minute and take a look outside ourselves we will find that we are incredibly connected to everything around us.. We are part of the Earth and part of the universe.. we are deeply individual and yet so extremely interwoven with the universe around us. The same atoms and molecules that form our make_up form the universe at large..( Ask an astrophysicist) ( A Blog-The Trickledown)we are undeniably connected to every living thing and all that is. I believe that to find our place within the world we live, we must have an understanding of this..We must offer our children explanations and connections between physics, chemistry, biology, geography, astronomy and so on… the connections between all things is vital in finding our place and rooting an understanding of ‘who I am’ and where I fit in.. feeling connected to the world around us allows us to feel partnered with it and opens up the desire to know more about all that I am connected with.

Some of the points we will ensure to enforce while on this every day quest.. on a life long journey of understanding.. will be to offer our boys as much information presented in a way that is exciting and makes them feel ‘part of’.. we would like them to learn through experience. . We wish for them to build confidence in themselves and in being able to access information with the ability to compile it into a ‘usable’ framework that they may integrate it into their lives. …We are filling a tool box…

We offer them an environment that is rich with information, that is stimulating and awe inspiring.. Through this experiencing they learn.. not from sitting at a desk in an ugly walled environment-(article) like rows of sausages in sausage factory… surrounded by the smell of commercial floor cleaner and curtains your grandmother would cringe at the sight of!

The Universe is a place of exquisite beauty… how can we convince our kids that learning about the universe, people and the world we live in is insatiably exciting if we present this information in dreary environments and force information down their throats that they are not feeling drawn and inspired towards.

We need to find ways that help them to feel inspired to learn things like maths that the general public feels daunted to explore.. we need to show our kid that mathematics is a universal language that can explain and expose the intricacies of life that the eye may not even be able to see.

Mathematics is an art so creative, so simple or detailed that it can take us on a journey to anywhere, close to home or to infinity and beyond.. Mathematics is a tool that can lead us along almost any path we wish to embark on… Mathematics will be at the forefront of our educational journey. If you have a firm foundation in mathematics there is not a career path that is not at your disposal… skip building a firm foundation in mathematics in your youth to find yourself wishing to embark on becoming an engineer, physicist, or biochemist in your 40s and you will find that it is mathematics that will be your biggest stumbling block! We firmly believe that our kids must have a firm foundation in mathematics for this will open up worlds to them throughout their lives.


Walking talking reference books is not what we want to create in our children but rather people that can draw from experiential understanding, people with the ability see connections and draw conclusions. . People that can think for themselves.. think differently, talk differently, act differently for it is in all these differentlys that they will become worth while contributors.. and lovers of life.


About World Wide Open Mind

Nicolas and myself Sasha are on a quest to find a way to educate our kids while exploring the world on our yacht.. The Adventures of Sea Eagle and the Fauchereau Family
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