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Khai’s 1st lesson on Computer hardware and disassembling

Khai having his first lesson on computer hardware. Khai wants to learn to build a robot. We starting with teaching him about what a computer is and how it works. We would like to find time to teach him some … Continue reading

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Little by Little, One Travels Far. – JRR Tolkien

A child offered stimulation to fill his intellect and more to expand his growth will never be naughty!! for he will be occupied and content with the self-satisfaction of personal success.. Now this seems to be a thread of Montessori.. … Continue reading

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Snakes & Ladders

Snakes and Ladders This morning started out a little strange, Malakhai was not feeling himself upon waking which resulted in is breakfast volcanoing out all over Nico.. dismal! But on the other had this gave Khai and I the opportunity … Continue reading

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