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The Secret to Raising Smart Kids: More that 3 decades of research sows that a focus on effort – not intelligence or ability- is the key to success in school and in life… Read more: 

In Praise of Failure: “Hands-on, creative thinking through design and engineering is a way to avoid prescriptive learning. It’s what we encourage through the James Dyson Foundation, an engineering charity which we are launching in the United States this year. Getting children to use their heads and hands, solving problems (and failing) along the way. The current U.S. education system frowns upon failure. Teaching to standards and rote learning can keep children from creative thinking and generating new ideas. Four out of five schools in the United States were labeled as failing under the No Child Left Behind Act.” Read More:

Great Thinkers of Self-education“The human animal is a learning animal. We like to learn; we need to learn; we are good at it; we don’t need to be shown how or made to do it, made to do it. What kills the processes are the people interfering with it or trying to regulate it or control it.” Read more:


Plastic Bottle House –   Free EBooks –   candychang –public installations artist-


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